Nanaimo – Tony Harris says the time is now to get more people moving between the Island and the Lower Mainland, and believes the opportunity is there for a foot passenger ferry service from Nanaimo harbour to Vancouver harbour.

“Nanaimo is the economic hub of the Mid and North Island and the gateway for so many businesses and travellers who come to the Island to enjoy our lifestyle and welcoming communities,” said Harris.” There is no question the demand is there for a foot ferry passenger service and with a business case done and investors standing at the ready, we need governments at the table to get on board and make this a reality.”

Tony also remarked that the city has doubled in population since he was born, and with that growth has come the need for more transportation options between Nanaimo and Vancouver. He added that this idea has been talked about long enough and now it’s time for action, and an MLA who can bring the partners together to get the job done.

“With more and more Nanaimoites commuting to Vancouver for work, and more people from the Lower Mainland coming to the Island, a foot passenger ferry service is essential to keep up with customer demand,” said Harris. “Whether this service comes about through private enterprise or in partnership with governments, we need an MLA with the energy and determination to get us there.”

Tony noted how desperately the city needs improved transportation and transit options and with a healthy dose of creativity and determination, believes it can happen. With a new Mayor and Council in Nanaimo, now is the perfect time to team up and move forward on this important initiative for the city.

As the city heads toward a by-election early next year, he is asking for your vote because he believes Nanaimo has been taken for granted for too long and deserves its fair share from Victoria.

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