Nanaimo — Tony Harris, BC Liberal candidate in the upcoming provincial by-election, issued the following statement on the need for more affordable car insurance for Nanaimo drivers:

“Just last month Nanaimo drivers learned they are facing a 6.3 per cent insurance rate increase with no viable plan to address these out-of-control costs facing drivers. On the NDP’s watch, basic auto insurance rates have now gone up by $250 a year on average.

These ICBC rate hikes, on top of the 19 new or increased taxes since the NDP took office with their promise to make life more affordable for British Columbians, just aren’t good enough.

We need to establish an auto insurance model that works for B.C. and Nanaimo drivers, and we need to do it soon. It’s time to take a good hard look at ICBC, find the best auto insurance practices across North America and implement them here in B.C.

The goal is simple – to get rates down for Nanaimo drivers, which means an overhaul of ICBC.

Affordable auto insurance is another reason why I’m running in the upcoming by-election. January 30 is a chance to finally get Nanaimo the attention it deserves. It’s a tremendous opportunity to put Nanaimo back on the map where it belongs and ensure we start getting our fair share of attention and investment.

I’m asking for Nanaimo’s support. Hire me and I’ll work my tail off for you.”

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Media Contact:

Matt Gordon

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