Nanaimo — Tony Harris, BC Liberal candidate in the upcoming provincial by-election, issued the following statement on to effectively address housing affordability in Nanaimo:

“Every young person that is prepared to work hard should be able to aspire toward home ownership, and as this dream gets harder and harder for many Nanaimoites, we can all agree it needs to be fixed.

The current government believes more and higher taxes will make housing more affordable. This simply won’t work. What Nanaimo needs is more supply, particularly multi-family rental units and a wider range of attainable housing options for all income levels.

We need to challenge our city’s Mayor and Council to cut red tape, speed up the building permit process and identify and up-zone properties so we can speed up the supply of housing.

Nanaimo’s population is growing at an incredible pace of around 7% a year. To ensure affordable options, we need supply to outpace growth. We also need governments to look at how they can incentivize smart development that includes affordable and subsidized units.

I’m committed to advocating for more supply, less tax and pulling governments and builders together to identify solutions that will work for our city and its young, hard-working families.

This is another reason why I’m running in this by-election — a tremendous opportunity to put Nanaimo back on the map where it belongs and ensure we start getting our fair share of attention and investment.

I’m asking for Nanaimo’s support. Hire me and I’ll work my tail off for you.”

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Media Contact:

Matt Gordon

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