Nanaimo – Tony Harris issued the following statement on Vancouver Island University’s  incredible potential:

“First, I would like to acknowledge that Nanaimo is becoming a university town and we should be proud of that; Go Mariners!

Vancouver Island University (VIU) is a leading university in British Columbia and is well-positioned to take things to the next level.

For instance, as our economy shifts towards ideas and solutions to address climate change VIU is perfectly positioned to develop and deliver an environmental and economic sustainability program that provides students with the tools required to work and succeed within that new economy.

The VIU MBA program has been a game-changer for the university and it draws students and up-and-coming entrepreneurs from all over the world.

However, as working adults continue to seek educational opportunities years into their careers, VIU can meet this demand with more executive education programs. Particularly, an executive education program focused on sustainable innovation and environmental entrepreneurship that would attract entrepreneurs and business leaders from all over the world; there is no better place to learn about and tackle the challenges facing our environment than right here on Vancouver Island!

Many know I am passionate about ensuring we have health care services that meet the needs of our growing community. I’ve talked a lot about local health care and have been advocating to make a fully integrated, tertiary hospital with cancer care and expanded cardiac care available to our residents.

As the timeline for a tertiary hospital becomes clear we can challenge VIU to develop and offer more medical and nursing programs. These are programs that will train students right here on the island and support the attraction and retention of more medical services professionals as the local hospital continues to expand. This approach will also bring more medical sector employment as we know these types of programs often bring with them investment by the sector, such as biotech, and the high paying jobs that come with them – something Nanaimo needs more of.

I intend to champion big, bold ideas and initiatives that can grow the university to the benefit of both the students that attend, and the broader community as a whole. It’s another reason I’m running and asking voters for a chance to serve – hire me and I’ll work my tail off. 

As voters in Nanaimo, you have a tremendous opportunity right here in front of you to send a new voice to Victoria for the better this by-election.

I want to assure everyone in Nanaimo that I will be an MLA for each and every one of you, and I’m asking for your support.”

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Media Contact:

Matt Gordon

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