NANAIMO – Tony Harris issued the following statement on the need to ensure governments and our city are ready for natural disasters an extreme weather events:

“The recent storm that hit Nanaimo and other communities a couple of weeks ago, is an important  reminder to all of us about just how vulnerable we are to these types of natural events.

Many families were without power for several days, some over a week, and the city’s drinking water was also impacted by a storm that will likely take many more weeks, if not months, to fully address all the damage that’s been left behind.

Our first responders, particularly BC Hydro crews, worked tirelessly over the holidays to help restore our power and get things back to normal and they deserve our thanks for all their effort. While the response was swift, the storm is an important reminder of just how critical it is to ensure we are thinking about how best to be prepared for storms like this or even worse. Not just as citizens, but as a province and as a city.

As the Hub City of the Island, it is essential that should a catastrophic event occur, the city’s systems and infrastructure are able to handle the immediate requirement for critical services and the movement of food and supplies that the entire Island would need. 

As Nanaimo and the Island continue to grow, our community will become an even more important entry point to the island for people and goods as part of an economic and transportation triangle between Vancouver and Victoria. This is a huge opportunity to create new jobs that support our hard-working local families, but it also means our infrastructure needs to keep up with that growth and be resilient against natural disasters.

Ensuring government and our city is ready for natural disasters and extreme weather events is another reason I’m running and asking voters for a chance to serve – hire me and I’ll work my tail off.  As voters in Nanaimo, you have a tremendous opportunity right here in front of you to send a new voice to Victoria for the better this by-election. 

I want to assure everyone in Nanaimo that I will be an MLA for each and every one of you, and I’m asking for your support.”

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Media Contact:

Matt Gordon

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